Please note that pricing is for up to two dogs per household with the exception of overnight petsitting.  Each additional dog of the same household is an additional $3.  If you have a friend's dog staying with you at your home, they will be charged the full price depending on service, for example for a regular 30 minute walk, you and your friend will each be charged $25/30 minute walk, since the dogs are of a different household.


We require a 24 hours' cancellation notice should you need to cancel regular walks or 72 hours' cancellation for petsitting away visits so we can make the necessary adjustments. For overnight petsitting, we require a two weeks' cancellation notice. For holiday overnight petsitting (New Year's Eve & Day, Easter, Memorial Day, the 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas & Christmas Eve) we require a month's cancellation notice.

Premiums Services Offered:


*Dog walking

Stuck at work?  Don't have time to walk your dog?  OMG! DogGone Walking is happy to lend a helping hand.  We understand the importance of taking your dog outside for some fresh air and exercise.  We'll happily walk your dog along preferred routes and/or to local parks.  We offer walks in 30, 45, 60 and 90 minute increments. Longer walk times can be accommodated, please inquire by email at . 



*Walks will generally be performed in most weather conditions. However due to extreme cold (<30 degrees F) or heat (>90 degrees F), high winds, heavy rain, sleet or snow, walks may be shortened and the remaining time will be spent indoors interacting with pet(s) (e.g. playing, being brushed, etc.).


For up to 2 dogs:
15 minute walk - $17 available for puppies & old dogs

30 minute walk - $25
30 minute walk with basic dog training - $30

45 minute walk - $35

60 minute walk - $46

90 minute walk - $69 (usually a dog hike to a near by park or hiking spot)


Walks are available for sale in bulk at a discounted rate, please inquire about rates. 


Each additional dog is $3/per visit.

For service requested during the holiday an additional $5/per visit will be added*




While you're away, your dogs and cats will be safe with us.  We have two options for vacationers.


(a) *Overnight Sitting*


If you'd like your furry friends to have some extra love and attention while you're out of town, we'll come and stay overnight at your place for the duration you're away.  We provide overnight company for about a 10-12 hour period plus take your dog(s) out on walks and potty breaks as needed, feed your pet at the requested times, as well as provide love, playtime and/or anything else you may need or want for your pet(s).


**You have the option to increase the walk time on the included walks and/or add a midday walk for an additional charge of $25-$69 depending on length of walk.  See Dog Walking Rates above.



Each additional dog is $15 per night. Holiday service is an additional $10/day.



**Regular Service**
Two weeks' cancellation notice is required.

***Holiday Service***

One month's cancellation notice is required.


We ask for a 50% non-refundable deposit to reserve booked-in-advance overnight petsitting you may need including service during the major holidays (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas & Christmas Eve, New Year's & New Year's Eve).



(b) *Away Visits*


If you're comfortable with your pet being left alone during the nighttime and just need someone to drop in a few times throughout the day, to love, feed, and take your dog(s) out, then we recommend away visits. 72 hours' cancellation notice applies.

For up to 2 dogs:

30 minute visit - $25

45 minute visit - $35

60 minute visit - $46


Each additional dog after 2 dogs is $3/per visit.

For service requested during the holidays an additional $5/per visit  will be added.


*Cat/Kitty Visits


Although dogs are our primary focus, we also accommodate the needs of our feline owners.  So whether you're at work or on vacation, we can check in on your kitty.  We will stop by and pet, play, brush and/or feed your kitty as needed.


For up to 2 cats:

15 minute visit - $16 (for anti-social cats)
30 minute visit - $21

Each additional cat is $3.


For service requested during the holidays an additional $5/per visit will be added.


*Plants, Gardens, Homesteads & Livestock Visits

For Plants & Garden

Rates start at $15 per visit and go up depending on the size and/or quantity of plants

Homestead visits 
Rates start at $20 per visit

Livestock visits
Rates start at $20 (chickens) and go up depending on the type of animal

Please inquire for more information.




Payment is expected prior to or on the first day services are rendered. We accept cash, check, debit and credit cards (Mastercard and Visa) as well as Venmo and Zelle (available thru most banks). 


Holidays Observed:


*New Year's Eve & Day   

*Memorial Day   
*Independence Day 

*Labor Day 

*Thanksgiving Day (20th - 29th)

*Christmas Eve & Christmas Day (19th - January 3rd)

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